I obtained my PhD in 2018 with the thesis “Returning to Work: Geographies of employment in turbulent times”. I have since then worked in a couple of different projects that evolve around labor market changes, women and men’s mobility after redundancies, regional resilience, industrial structures and skill matching.

Today I hold an assistant professorship at the Department of Geography at Umeå University, and am also affiliated with the Center for Regional Science (CERUM). My research is carried out in collaboration with researchers at Umeå University, the University of Gothenburg, the University of California Los Angeles (UCLA) and the PBL Netherlands Environmental Assessment Agency.

In summary, my interest in research concerns labor market issues, where workers are most often at the center. By continuously emphasizing how the context shapes the processes at the micro level, but still recognizing the diversity of workers in different geographies and how these change (or not) over time and space, my research can contribute to an understanding of labor market issues that emphasize both regional structures and individuals’ mobility.

There are three larger topics I am currently doing research on. The first part is i) labor markets/regions, more specifically the development of the Swedish labor in recent decades and the importance of the regional context for re-employment opportunities after major redundancies; ii) workers’ labor market mobility, with focus on the differences and similarities between men and women’s mobility after redundancies and the consequences of these on the individual’s career opportunities and risk of underemployment: and lastly iii) a concrete policy tool, the ‘Swedish occupational space’, that could be used to assist in analyzes concerning skill matching, and planning of training initiatives for workers with skills that are considered less in demand.


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