Sania Dzalbe



I have received my master’s degree in Spatial Planning and Development at Umeå University in 2020. During my master’s degree, I have developed a keen interest in the issues related to peripheral development which has motivated me to apply for a PhD position in economic geography at Umeå University.


My PhD research focuses on regional economic resilience from the perspective of human agency. I look at how people in rural areas adapt to economic changes affecting their livelihood. My research finds inspiration in the literature of various academic affiliations. It starts its journey from the literature of evolutionary economic geography and considers economic systems as dynamic and non-linear consisting of different collective and individual actors. It then makes a detour into the literature of social-ecological resilience that investigates how people adapt in the face of uncertainty. All the while my research is guided by the sociology debates on the interplay between agency and structure.


I mostly engage with qualitative research methods, such as interviews and observations. Currently, I am doing a case study on investigating how Danish mink breeders are coping with the recent crisis related to the mink breeding industry in Denmark.


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